We were two broken souls seeking solace from the drops in the cold. Hoping, no wishing that perhaps even a little rain would wash away the pain drilling our very veins.Deep down we were waiting for thunder or lighting to strike our souls so just maybe we wouldn’t have to live on, and watch the people we trusted the most, the ones we wouldn’t think twice about dying for trade our hearts for whores. Ours were not hearts but twin sets of broken glass.
So I found my place at the wooden bench in the park, crying myself at the mercy of the rain and repeatedly replaying the memories in my brain. The man I had loved, with the best friend I had had. Life is full of surprises huh?. Who would have thought, the two people who mattered, were the ones who would hurt me the most. Desparetly, I tried to rack my brain in vain at what steps I had failed. Hadn’t I loved him with everything I had? Given him my all, the very heart that he mercilessly tore? I mean why then would he have her raw on the very bed that I bought? Okay yeah, she was a petite little bitch, but were my curves too sore or what? 
Yet the cold dusk of the lonely park, bore another broken soul. I was not alone, beautiful in all his masculinity, he lay drenched by the fountain pool, casting coins and probably wishing his series of sores would just be gone. Good Lord, he looked more broken than I was. His tears vividly visible even in the glare of the heavy downpour shedding its wrath on earth. Vivian was her name, unmistakably by how she escaped his lips, in leaps of broken wails. My heart broken as it was, ripped off even more. I knew, I knew the depth at which he felt this cross. It was the kind that made even the strongest of men loose it all. Sanity all gone! Ours were but hearts shattred by the ones we had entrusted ours.
We were…. a couple of lost souls, trying to make sense of what remained of life after they. Hoping that maybe the rain in the park had answers like washing away our pain for a start. Who would have thought, it had better things in store, A second chance at beautiful love.
Amidst, storms and thunder we found us. In a hopeless place, we found love.

….@Winnie Nzyoka